Doctoral candidate of Criminology Department of Max Planck Institute of Foreign and International Criminal law (Cotutelle de Thèse between University of Zagreb Faculty of Law, and Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg since 2012/2013). Master of Science (M.Sc.): Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb in 2011. (M. Sc.). Magister iuris (LL.M.): Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb (2000)

Assistant lecturer at the Department of Criminal Law (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law) since 2009; Research assistant at the same Department (2007-2009). Legal adviser in the Croatian Medical Chamber (2003-2007).

Croatian Unit of the International Network of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics (Head of Croatian Unit since the end of 2012); Max Planck Partner Group for ‘Balkan Criminology’ (Researcher, Research Focus I: Violence, Organized Crime and Illegal Markets, since 2013); Researcher: Prevention of Corruption and Collective Criminality through Criminal Law (Ministry of Science, Education and Sports – project No. 066-0662530-2517) (Researcher); Croatian Medical Law in the Light of European standards, (Ministry of Science, Education and Sports - Project No. 066-0661428-1298) (Researcher);

Max Planck Society Doctoral Scholarship (2013); Annual Award for the best young scientist in social sciences in 2010 by the Society of University Professors and other Scientists of the Zagreb University; 2nd Place at Moot Court competition "Assessing Patterns of Transnational Organized Crime, the International Criminal Responsibility of Non-State Actors” organized by the International Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Sciences in Syracuse (2012); Received the Acknowledgment for the contribution to the development of the Croatian Medical Chamber (marking the occasion of the 10th anniversary of renewed Croatian Medical Chamber), 2005.