Corruption is the major obstacle for further development of societies stretched between systemic dysfunctions characteristic for transition period and the rule of law standards formally accepted through the process of European integration. Despite of adopting formal standards as well as legal framework to suppress various corruption related criminal offences (repressive tools), Croatia still falls short in terms of strengthening non-repressive institutions and strategies capable to prevent different forms of corruption. Non-repressive approach based on research has been virtually non-existent. In this regard, Croatia is not in full conformity with the United Nations Convention against Corruption (hereinafter: UNCAC) that calls upon the Parties to ensure “the existence of a body or bodies, as appropriate that prevent corruption by such means as, inter alia, increasing and disseminating knowledge about the prevention of corruption.” Therefore, the very idea behind establishment of this research cluster is to fill these gaps and to provide multidisciplinary expertise on the issues that are crucial for the future of the Croatian society.