Magister Iuris (LL.M.): University of Osijek, Faculty of Law (2003)

Head of the Sector for Anti-Corruption, Ministry of Justice of Croatia (2012-2014); Head of the Sector for Public Procurement, Ministry of Justice of Croatia, Advisor of the Government of Republic of Croatia, Office for Human Rights (2008-2010)


Command Responsibility ('Hrvatska pravna revija', November 2004)
International anti-corruption documents and their implementation in the Republic of Croatia (Brochure of Ministry of Justice, 2007)
Anti-corruption Strategy- comparison with the National Anti-corruption Program 2006-2008 (‘Hrvatska pravna revija’, October 2008)
Training of the police officers as a part of the project: Improving the system of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Croatia in the fight against corruption (Hrvatski ljetopis za kazneno pravo i praksu (Zagreb), vol. 16, number 1/2009)
Elements of the Doctrine of Command Responsibility ('Policija i sigurnost' 3/2009)